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We fund and support early-stage B2B tech startups led by success-driven Israeli entrepreneurs on a mission to build
leading global companies.

Our mission

toDay Ventures was formed after many years of entrepreneurship, private investments and working closely with early-stage entrepreneurs, who currently lead successful global companies and brands.

Our commitment to support our portfolio companies goes beyond funding. toDay grants access to industry leading product specialists as well as recurring council from our dynamic ecosystem and network of investors, design partners and experienced entreprenuers.


We partner with top Israeli entrepreneurs and boost their growth with strategic and operational support.

Artificial Intelligence

Today AI is being deployed in production environments, optimizing live operations, and being used at scale across the enterprise, allowing AI to be leveraged by multiple departments for strategic business value.

Cyber Security

The ever-expanding digital footprint of modern organizations, hybrid work and digital business processes in the cloud have introduced new risks. Organizations are asked to constantly rethink the security technology stack to address sophisticated new threats.


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We participate in Seed funding rounds together with the private investors and Seed VCs we partner with.

Cyber Fund 1


External Attack Surface Management

Reposify’s external attack surface management (EASM) platform pinpoints unknown, exposed internet-facing assets so security teams can best secure their digital perimeter. Our intelligent internet mapping technology takes all environments of an organizations’ digital footprint into account for full-spectrum perimeter security, with no agents or deployment required.
Having indexed billions of digital assets since 2016, Reposify’s proprietary internet mapping technology leverages big data to identify historical trends critical to an organizations’ security posture. Whether assets are on premise, in the cloud or housed across supply chains and subsidiaries, nothing is left unknown. All exposed assets — known or unknown — are automatically classified, analyzed and prioritized according to risk score. Customizable alerts trigger notifications for issues that require immediate attention.

Last Mile Delivery Fund 1


Deliver. Review. Sell. Repeat.

PACKAGE.AI is a cloud SaaS service that enables retailers to turn their delivery and service operations into a marketing and monetization engine. Our platform uniquely combines conversational AI and last-mile logistics management to significantly enhance user experience and generate glowing online reviews and incremental sales. We are growing quickly with dozens of happy customers in the US, Canada and Australia. We are a small and passionate group of individuals on a mission to solve one of the most crucial challenges for e-commerce – how to foster happy and ever-returning customers. We have offices in Miami, New York and Tel Aviv.

DevOps Fund 1


Test Orchestration and Automation

Kaholo allows you to rapidly orchestrate your entire test stack. You can empower anyone including manual testers to build and modify automations combining any technology or testing framework in a single automated pipeline.

Fintech Fund 1


Illuminating Shadow Economies

Designed for tax authorities to increase audit efficiency and tax revenue, IVIX technology transforms publicly available business activity data into highly accurate leads.
As the economy democratizes and digitizes, there is an opportunity for tax authorities to harness modern data and algorithms to drive compliance and close the tax gap. With off-the-shelf solutions for high-priority use cases, the IVIX platform provides complete, continuous visibility into the shadow economy.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, IVIX gathers and enriches publicly available business activity data to accurately identify businesses, their revenue, and the taxpayer entity.

AdTech Fund 1


Cross Platform Measurement

INCRMNTAL’s vision is to evolve digital marketing from the measurement of tracking to the measurement of VALUE.

INCRMNTAL is a software company providing a continuous incrementality testing platform for Advertisers.

The platform allows you to run incrementality measurement for any marketing activity without needing to stop campaigns, channels or your activity in any country. The platform provides you with incrementality scores for anything you want to measure.

INCRMNTAL is a self service tool for marketers, requiring no code or SDK for integration, working alongside any tool you already work with (such as attribution, analytics, CRM tools).
It’s designed for a post-privacy world and does not require user identifiers (such as IDFA, Cookies, or GAID).

Founded in 2020 by industry veterans Maor Sadra, Moti Tal.

Cyber Fund 1

Enso Security

Application Security Management

Enso is the first Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) solution, helping security teams everywhere eliminate their AppSec chaos with application discovery, classification and management. Founded by application security experts, Enso easily deploys into enterprise environments to create an actionable, unified inventory of all application assets, their owners, security posture and associated risk. With Enso security, any AppSec team can build a simplified, agile and scalable application security program. For more information, visit

Fintech Fund 1


Monitor, manage, reduce cloud cost

Finout is the first self-service cloud cost observability platform that combines business metrics with your cost, slicing it up to customers, features and unit metrics. With Finout, FinOps, Finance and DevOps can help their organizations make healthier business decisions that improve efficiency, pricing and go-to-market strategy.

Cyber Fund 1

Canonic Security

Control Apps and Integrations

Canonic is a SaaS Application Security platform that continuously profiles apps and user accounts, identifies suspicious or out-of-policy behavior, and automatically reduces the SaaS attack surface. Canonic’s patent-pending App Sandbox captures any add-on and integration behavior — it provides access intelligence as well as threat & vulnerability insight by dynamically assessing network, data and platform API activities.

Cyber Fund 1


Network Control and Protection

AirEye Dome is the only solution that provides full protection against any form of digital airborne attacks launched against the organizational network. Attacks are automatically blocked and sent to the company SIEM, eliminating the need for platform management and alert chasing. AirEye Dome is a SaaS platform that seamlessly complements your existing network security infrastructure, without the need for architectural changes or messy integrations.

Cyber Fund 1


Next Generation Identity Orchestration

The Next Generation of Identity Orchestration Automated. Compliant. Scalable.
We make it easy for permission management to keep up with your business. We are redesigning the cloud access management process from the ground up.
Our user-friendly solution makes it easier for everyone in your organization – from R&D, Sales, and HR – to request and gain access to cloud-based apps and infrastructures.

AdTech Fund 2


Insights Across Customer Journey

OptimalQ is a software company building Telecommunications solutions related to Customer Availability field.
OptimalQ combines historical and real-time enterprise data with its exogenous sensor network. This enables you to predict the best time to engage with a customer, how long the customer will be available, and which channel the customer is most likely to convert.

Cyber Fund 2


Exposure Assessment & Remediation

Veriti integrates with your entire security stack, analyzes each configuration, and addresses every facet of your exposures. Our agentless approach incorporates advanced AI to not only automate the identification and analysis of exposures but also to mobilize the remediation efforts.

Big Data Fund 2


Business context to every data element

The first organically generated business glossary
illumex empowers businesses by creating a unified and accurate data language for everyone. With illumex’s active searchable glossary, businesses can take action with confidence, using data analytics they trust.

illumex’s vision is to enable any business question and make every answer reliable. We strive to empower your organization with its own encyclopedia of analytics, built from the world’s most extensive business ontology.

We bring business context to every data element. Every schema, table, column, and query gets mapped and enriched with searchable business context.

Cyber Fund 2


Secure Faster Than You Build

Over the years we have engineered products and protected thousands of companies. We’ve come to realize that almost every cyber incident, its scope and resolution, is determined by one thing: Weak access and loose privileges.
Providing leverage points for attackers to exploit.
Without sec or dev operation’s ability to adapt accordingly.

You’re making constant tradeoffs across your environment, choosing whether to go fast or go secure, choosing between developers and security operations, and it’s no longer sustainable.

It all starts by achieving a comprehensive situational understanding.
Where you can apply the right access and privileges, exactly when they’re needed, across your ever-changing enterprise.

Cyber Fund 2 ,Fund 3


Cloud Managed Security

Managed cloud security, end-to-end.
Security and development teams don’t need yet another tool to manage. Tamnoon intelligently streamlines cloud security, using cloud experts and AI-powered technology to take the burden off your teams. We fix alerts – and you get the full value of your cloud security stack.

N/A Fund 2

Cady Solutions

AI-Driven Schematics Inspection

CADY utilizes cutting edge AI technology to perform automatic inspection and verification of electrical schematics. By detecting errors at an early stage, this solution improves and expedites the design process, yields a significant saving of money and resources, reduces the final product’s “Time to Market” and contributes to the quality, reliability, and safety of the final product.

Big Data Fund 2 ,Fund 3


Real Time AI Algorithms

Hyperspace is a game-changing startup on the quest to create a high-performance acceleration engine for running AI deep search in real-time with milliseconds latency!
We leverage Domain Specific Compute Architecture to develop a purpose-built search acceleration engine optimized for speed at scale, provided as a cloud-native managed service.
Hyperspace powers AI teams and data scientists targeting to run high-end search, in real time, over large multi-dimensional datasets for applications such as recommendation engines, fraud detection, anomaly detection and more.

Cyber Fund 3

Cyclops Security

Cybersecurity Investigation Engine

The Security Operations (SecOps) team plays a crucial role in fortifying an organization’s cybersecurity defenses, safeguarding valuable and sensitive assets.

With the rapid evolution of cyber threats, SecOps teams must handle numerous alerts and findings, prioritize vulnerabilities, and understand their risk within their specific environment.

Our cutting-edge AI-Powered Risk Management platform enables SecOps to prioritize security risks easily and answer their most complicated questions in free text. cyclops developed sophisticated AI algorithms that enhance agility and enable them to get context on every entity in the organization and efficiently remediate it . The Cyclops approach consolidates the organization’s security stack and creates a single source of truth for SecOps.

NO-Code Fund 2


Tailored workspace for your company

Work management platform that adapts to your company and grows with it.
Pick the best parts of Notion, Airtable, Google Docs and Trello and build the perfect workspace. With no code.

Cyber Fund 3

Tencyle Security

Supply chain security

Supply chain security is the part of supply chain management that focuses on the risk management of external suppliers, vendors, logistics, and transportation.
Its goal is to identify, analyze and mitigate the risks inherent in working with other organizations as part of a supply chain.
Supply chain security involves both physical security relating to products and cybersecurity for software and services.
Because supply chains can vary greatly from group to group, and many different organizations may be involved, there is no single set of established supply chain security guidelines or best practices. A complete supply chain security strategy requires following risk management principles and cyber defence in depth. It also takes into account protocols set by government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security or customs regulations for international supply chains.



Stealth Mode


Our team DNA is a mix of experienced multidisciplinary experts, all share the same goal and drive. Turning technology vision into global success.

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Cyber unicorn Snyk acquiring Israeli startup Enso Security

08 June 2023 Calcalist

CrowdStrike to Acquire Reposify to Reduce Risk Across the External Attack Surface and Fortify Customer Security Postures

21 Sep 2022 Globes

Zscaler acquiring Israeli cybersecurity platform Canonic Security

15 Feb 2023 Calcalist

BeyondTrust buys Israeli access security co Entitle for $150M

08/07/2024 Globes
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